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Last minute newsflash:

As many of you have asked us over the couple of months whatever was keeping us from releasing version 5.0 of DoomShell, here's the story.

DoomShell 5.0 is finished and incorporates lots of new features. The most important ones being able to compress and decompress custom wad-files from the database and the ability to insert 10 PWAD files.

This new version however is being disributed as part of an upcoming book to be released shortly by Sams Publishing. It's the follow-up to Tricks of the Doom Programmers and the title (as far as we know) will be Doom, Doom II, Heretic and Hexen Alchemy.

We have been requested not to release this new version on the net (imediately). So, for now, if you want to get hold of the latest DoomShell, go and buy the book. Otherwise, just hang on. We might be able to release it sometime in the future.

Welcome to the DoomShell homebase. We've set-up this page to give you direct access to new versions of the program and to keep you posted on it's progression.

It's also a way for us to here from you! Any kind remarks, comments, great ideas for new features and bug reports will be gladly accepted and taken into account. (Whether we really do something about them remains uncertain :-)

What can we do for you:

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Download Doom>Doom 2 wad conversion files
By popular demand. It's a 251K zipped archive with files to enable you to load Doom wad files into Doom 2. It should work with a lot of wads, but I've seen it crash occasionally too. It's not ours, it's public domain, we found it someplace, we're making it available to you, BUT we're not responsible for things not working properly!

Gets you the latest DoomShell version 4.5 of approximately 340K.
- Now installable in a single directory, launching all games from there.
- Added support for The Ultimate Doom (Thy Flesh Consumed) & The prerelease of Hexen.
- Some mouse problems should be fixed now.
- The package now comes with a neat install program.
Be sure to check in once in a while, more updates will follow shortly!

Comments, questions, hints, tips, remarks, new feature-propositions, bug-reports and thank-you messages go here.

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