DoomShell was born out of sheer lazyness of entering screens full of command lines to set-up our nice deathmatch doom arena.

We'd all sit down behind our super-duper cyber megastation, amps pumped up beyond the 0dB mark, all fired up to whack eachother's brains out, only to find that we had to spend the next three hours shouting at eachother in pure frustration to get the whole thing going.

'No sucker you've set it at the wrong network port, ok guys let's all reboot again for the 23472348798th time...'

DoomShell started out just as a program to launch our netdoom sessions, but a lot has changed since then. Check out the list of features below and enjoy!

It's three programs in one! Supports Doom (v1.666-1.9 and probably up), Doom II, Thy Flesh Consumend, Heretic and Hexen (prerelease)!
Easy external WAD selection from any directory using a file requester.
WAD database for storing your favorite WAD files.
Including location & description, times played, time in WAD etc.
View levels before you play them.
including player start locations
Automatic (starting) level detection of WAD files, no more IDCLEV level-seeking-frustration while inside doom
Gee this super new WAD file I just leeched looks exactly like the one I know...
Edit your chat macros for IPX and serial networks.
Starts single player, IPX, Serial and Modem network games in a single mouse-click!
Jump right into the level and episode of your choice.
All (yes, all!) Doom options available in convenient graphic interface, instead of screens full of tedious command lines.
Savegame support.
Demo recording/playback.
Built-in help
including cheat-codes for Doom I/II and Heretic
Modem configuration and selection.
Full serial setup
baudrate, com-port etc.
Stress-relieving music while selection your options
Absolutely free of charge!
and even more...

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