A note from your programmer...

As with all programs, the list of future enhancements is only obstructed by time, creativity and ethics. Care must be taken not to overflow the user with options that damage the program in its goal to be a DoomShell, and not a multi-megabyte monstrous program, which does everything from word-processing to neural network game movement analysis (well, perhaps that would be nice!).

However, there are certainly a few things on the planning board:
Linked WAD files in the database. Sometimes you need more than 1 WAD file for a level. A link field will make it possible to link up WADs to other WADs. When selecting such a WAD from the database, all linked WADs will be selected automatically.
More external WADs (perhaps even 10) instead of 2.
MAP viewing for Hexen-type levels (MAPxy); I suspect extra data is stored in the VERTEXES/LINEDEFS lumps and I don't have the time or energy to find out how it works. If anyone can help, please mail me! I would be most grateful.
Better support for Hexen (retail version). For starters, selecting the class (Fighter, Cleric, Mage) to use. The game looks nice enough (compared to Heretic) and I like it.
Automatic conversion of Doom I/II WAD files to Doom II/I. The problem with this nice thought is that you will need a separate WAD file which imports the missing items from one version to the other.
I have in my possession a WAD file which makes it possible to use Doom I WAD files in Doom II. It is, however, about 750K large, and I find it hard to add it to this archive, making a giant leap from about 62K to 800K for the total package. Thus, this feature will probably not be implemented for a while (or perhaps separate the DoomShell package from the needed .WAD file(s)). Perhaps you might find it one day soon on the DoomShell homepage.
A phonebook for the dial gadget in the Serial Setup dialog. This will be a small phonebook, containing names and numbers, plus the ability to edit, add or delete entries. For modem users.
The map viewer is ofcourse a source of ideas, like showing vertices, things, secret pieces etc. etc. Enhancements will probably drip in now and then.
Perhaps keyboard support for those with 4Mb of RAM and no memory to spare for a mouse driver.
Perhaps support to read an associated textfile that comes with a WAD. xx.DOC or xx.TXT. Something.
Be sure to update your DoomShell to take advantage of even more features!
Biggest future plane is to create a QuakeShell for the oncoming game from ID.

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