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Q: I am not able to select any options, since I don't have a mouse pointer.Whenever I try to start a game, I receive a Bad command or file name error.

A: DoomShell requires a mouse driver to be installed and running. Make sure your mouse is activated.

Q: Can I run DoomShell without a mouse?

A: No, sorry, not as yet.

Q: Can I select my own background?

A: No! I'd hate to lose responsibility for the appearance of my product, as I have seen to many abuses of these options (purple interface, using green and blue buttons; yugh!). If you must, go change DOOMSHEL.PCX with some paint program, but you do it without my blessing. Sorry for all you great artists out there!

Q: I have Doom and Doom2; how can I use DoomShell for Doom2?

A: Just install DoomShell using the install program that came with it. Hit the GAME buttton in the upper-right portion of the screen. Up pops a dialog in which you can specify what game to play and where it resides on your hard drive(s).

Q: When I run a modem game, I get the message 'Dropping DTR' when running Serial/Modem Game. Is this a problem with DoomShell?

A: No. DoomShell is only a shell around the programs from ID. When running a serial game, the program SERSETUP.exe (from ID) is run. Any problems from here are probably connected to problems with your modem or settings. DoomShell has no influence on the inner workings of SERSETUP. There's nothing I can do to fix problems with that. I have tested it once, using a nullmodem cable and 2 DX2-66 machines. It worked fine.

Q: I sometimes get a message stating 'According...you have playing the same WAD for over 4 hours...'. What is it for?

A: The time you use a WAD is calculated by comparing the time of starting Doom to the time you quit Doom. The 4 hour limit is a protection for people who just leave Doom hanging on and on, while not actually using the WAD file. This message is used to find out whether you are really such a fanatic that you run the same WAD file for more than 4 hours continuously, or that you just left it hanging on. If you don't want to record the time-lapse, just click Cancel. Otherwise, click Continue (you might then consider having other hobbies as well).

Q: Can I get a map view of my 2nd external WAD file?

A: No, you can't. For the database and map view features, the first WAD is taken to be the main WAD. If you use more than 1 WAD, specify the WAD with the level-modifications as the 1st external WAD file. That way, you'll store the correct name into the database, and you are able to use the 'View Map' option on your WAD. Look out for a future version that might support viewing every selected WAD file.

Q: The first time I ran DoomShell, it requested my music configuration. I stated I have a SoundBlaster at 220h and proceeded. Now I own a RAP-10 and wish to use this MUCH better soundcard for the DoomShell. How can I set the music configuration once again?

A: Type 'SHELL -s' from the DOS prompt (the -s is case-sensitive!), and you will be prompted for your music card before the shell starts.

Q: When I run DoomShell under Windows, it hangs.

A: It is said that the MIDPAK CMOS-timer-based driver doesn't function correctly under Windows. Try shelling out to a nice DOS-box or enter some special DOS boot mode (under Windows 95, for example). It works on my Windows 95 machine, however, although sometimes the music doesn't mute when leaving DoomShel.exe (and entering Doom).

Q: When I try to view a map from episode 2 or 3, the program says it can't find it in the WAD file?

A: Either your program locations aren't specified correctly (use the GAMES button in the top-right portion of the screen), or you have a shareware version of the game, which doesn't contain the levels. Buy the registered version!

Q: Do I still have to keep my savegame editor?

A: Well, no. The cheat codes should be enough to keep you happy and alive while playing. The DoomShell will never contain a savegame editor, for the very obvious reason that what you effectively want to do is exactly the same as using the cheat codes. Period.

Q: I have a problem with connecting modem games; what can you do for me?

A: Very little, DoomShell is a shell around ID's SERSETUP program, and any problems with modems, lines, 16550 UART's and the like are out of the shell's reach. Try equalizing your modem's setup strings; ATZ.

Q: I have a problem with connecting IPX/SPX games; what can you do for me?

A: Very little, DoomShell is a shell around ID's IPXSETUP program, and any problems with network protocols and the like are out of the shell's reach. Use equal versions of Doom & IPXSetup for starters.

Q: I've got a GUS; will this be supported?

A: There are some heavy problems with the GUS; Doom blots out the samples from SBOS (or something), and I'd rather leave a garbagy-looking feature out then making a mess to support a card I can't test/trust.

Q: Is there a better shell for Doom?

A: None that I know of :)

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